The Miller,
London Bridge,
London 2/3/09


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They may not exactly be ex-members of The Fall, but I Ludicrous can at least say they've had the dubious pleasure of being fired by Mark E Smith; the band were been booted off a support slot with the man for strange and mysterious reasons.

Not that they're bitter of course; their opening song is, after all, called 'The Support Band'. "The guitar's out of tune / we're not very good / we're the support band" moans singer Will Hung. "The riff's second hand / we stole from The Damned / we're the support band." You get the impression these guys have been around the block a few times.

Having said that, I Ludicrous aren't what you'd call lethargic: in fact, they're arch satirists led by a razor sharp lyricist - and they genuinely deserve investigation. Songs about Jeremy Kyle, New Cross tube station and Only Fools and Horses may sound drab on paper, but in their hands, it's like The Streets set to post punk music.

Being of a certain generation that threw up The Clash meanwhile, means that they have no qualms or pretensions about getting political. "My name is Trevor Barker / I'm coming to your town / I'm going to make a few redundancies / I'm going to close the plant down" sings Hung at one point - a look of grim experience in his eyes.

Doom isn't the mission statement here though: I Ludicrous would rather shake their fists at grey skies than get drenched by them. And as for their old pal from The Fall, they've written a song about him, comparing him to Alexander The Great. "I'm building an empire that'll never end!" cackles Hung, relishing the character. I wonder what Mr Smith would make of that?

Ric Rawlins.

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