Carling Academy,


I, LUDICROUS > Gigography > Carling Academy, Liverpool 7 March 2008

"I Ludicrous were splendid. They finished with Preposterous Tales - and I had two friends called Ken with me - neither have Ken McKenzie tendencies tho. Any footie fans there may have noticed reference to 1990 FA Cup semi where the mighty reds somehow got beat by Palace in that Ken saw Palace score 4 goals away (semi-finals don't count). Droll. Although I wasn't too happy at the game at the time of course." - TheBigBopper

"I loved I, Ludicrous. Anything that involves two fifty year old blokes unashamedly telling crap jokes on a jolly from their office jobs is fine by me. Give me incongruity over identikit every day." - Ray


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