I, LUDICROUS > Gigography > Corporation, Sheffield 6 March 2008

"...Also I should have mentioned how utterly great I, Ludicrous were! ....The new stuff is as good as they've ever done" - JumperClown

"Then there was I Ludicrous, who were Brilliant! Highlights Ruby Wax and Highland league both off the new EP which sounded very good on the way to work this morning." - LittleGrafter

"Indeed, the support the other night was brilliant. Shit I can't remember their name, but songs about Jeremy Kyle and Ruby Wax go down a storm at the Corp!" - badgirlswirlgirl

"yeah they were hilarious.. "chav it baby you're on jeremy kyle" haha..." - Milli


Set list:

3 English Football Grounds
We're The Support and
Argument in a Laundrette
Chav it up with Jeremy Kyle
Preposterous Tales
The Ruby Wax Song
Finding out about John
Global Business Man
The Highland league

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