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I, Ludicrous's first night supporting The Fall.

"I Ludicrous blew The Fall offstage. And considering they are crap (but crap in a way that I really like) that's saying something. They know full well they are a poor man's HMHB and this is probably the point: they remind me of early days HMHB before they actually got good at anything, and thus had a certain charm. New song 'Finding Things Out About John' was ace and 'The Highland League' is the fourth best single of 2008 to date. Nice surprise to hear 'Three English Football Grounds', nice not-exactly-surprise to hear 'Preposterous Tales'." - Blackout

Set list:

We're the Support Band
Argument in the Laundrette
Chav it up with Jeremy Kyle
Three English Football Grounds
The Highland League
The Ruby Wax Song
Finding Things Out About John
Global Businessman
Preposterous Tales

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