Port Mahon Ale House,
Oxford 15/10/06


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Set list:

Good Evening
When I Worked at Textline
Three English Football Grounds
Hacky's Wine-bar
A Clerking 'til I Die
Highland League
Never been Hit by Mark E. Smith
Danny Baker's Diary
Richard Madeley
Trevor Barker
Preposterous Tales
Quite Extraordinary

Unmistakable silhouettes
Maybe this audience just wasn't ready for the new experimentalism?

What's this one do?

Try two hands, John

What songs can we play with two fans, a music stand and one microphone then?

Ok, I'll make like a drum machine and you recite poetry.

Strange affair. Seated audience, folk-club style. Audience mix: 30% the expected 40+ Fall-types, then 70% young students; much of the lyrical content palpably drifting over the latter's heads. I, Ludicrous appeared slightly fazed by the set-up at first but recovered well enough. Most notable was the bizarre and extended interlude after the closing Preposterous Tales, during which time the audience didn't so much call for an encore as sit rooted silently apparently refusing to leave until the band had delivered one. John and Will duly obliged ... eventually ... after a period of sitting silently themselves on the stage waiting for the audience to disperse. Once it became clear to them both that the audience wasn't going to make the first move, I, Ludicrous cracked and cranked into a fine version of Quite Extraordinary, following which the audience, by chatting amongst themselves, indicated their consent to the band leaving the stage.

Review & photos by Id Williams

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