Bull & Gate,
Kentish Town 15/6/06


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Set list:

Quite Extraordinary
Three English Football Grounds
We Stand Around
The Highland League
He's Lost Control
Approaching 50
We Stand Around
A Clerking 'til I Die
Danny Baker's Diary
Preposterous Tales

The evening started with a full pub enjoying seeing England scrape a 2-0 World Cup victory (I always said that Peter Crouch fellow was a great player) against the might of Dwight Yorke and some and some guys he met down the pub (aka Trinidad & Tobago) on the array of TV screens scattered around the venue. Half time oranges were served.

After Adrian Teen Beat, Fractured played a storming set before Will & John took the stage. The evening was wrapped up by the fantasic Frank Sidebottom (and Little Frank).

It was great to see a full house at the Bull & Gate and a magnificent performance from I, Ludicrous. New songs unveiled on the night included "Approaching 50" (an updated version of the classic of 10 years ago) and "He's Lost Control" (an interpretation of the Joy Division song acknlowledging Peter Crouch's legendary ball skills). After several years on the bench "Danny Baker's Diary" made it's live debut.
John demonstrates his keyboard prowess.
The adoring crowd - God bless you one and all! Look carefully any you will find the quorum celebrity-filled - there on the left is LBC broadcasting fellow and top TV funny man Iain Lee, whilst on the right is Chris Hawkins the nocturnal BBC 6 Music DJ and all-round good guy.
Fractured, in full flow.
Frank Sidebottom, actually - or is it Freddie Mercury?



I, Ludicrous enjoyed themselves at the Bull & Gate for a fantastic world cup football night. Sadly, Trinidad & Tobago were unable to make their skill and commitment count, being undone by Peter Crouch and a lucky toe-poke from Gerrard but it was good to meet up with some old friends especially Pater Carpark and Wacko "Kevin" Jacko.

It was a sell-out crowd and all acts performed well - Fractured bravely covered 'We're The Support Band' whilst our two hereos came up with a topical version of He's Lost Control about Peter Crouch. Then top-of-the-bill Mr Frank Sidebottom was his usual funny self despite the efforts of Little Frank who gets less funny with age (only kidding Little Frank).

Since then Will and John have been watching the world cup avivdly at Castle Ludicrous - neither of the lads are that impressed with what they've seen but of course they're old enough to remember 1966 and can't help comparing Beckham to Bobby Moore - "not good enough to lace up Mooreo's boots" is Will's verdict on the overexposed English captain. Whilst John - a qualified referee - continually carps on about players diving.

Set list from Bull & Gate Quite Extraordinary, 3 English Football Grounds, Highland League, He's Lost Control, We Stand Around, Danny Baker's Diary, 'A Clerking til I die, Preposterous Tales.

Subs (not used) I Ludicrous Took the Stretford End, Finding Things Out About John.

Review by Will, photos by Jeff

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