The Fighting Cocks,
Kingston Upon Thames 19/5/06


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Set list:

We're the Support Band
Suspended Sentence
We Stand Around
When I Worked at Textline
The Highland League
I've Never Been Hit by Mark E. Smith
A Clerking 'til I Die
Preposterous Tales
Football, Beer & A Cigarette

A rare south-of-the river outing for the lads on Friday night ended in controversary when the plugs were pulled halfway through Football Beer and a Cigarette - it obviously being past the bed-time of the whey-faced sound engineer. The night was marred by the usual live-venue incompetance. Firstly the promoter didn't turn up and there had obviously been no local promotion for the gig. Secondly, money did not seem to be taken at mthe door as many of the band's friends got in without paying. Finally after being told they were to play for 45 minutes half way through the set, the aforementioned engineer informed them they had time for just two more songs. This was especially disappointing as the set was going well and some new songs were about to be performed. In the car afterwards John said expressed his disappointment with the set's curtailment by the engineer whilst Will (who had been at the whisky) wished he had hit the ****. "We'll never play there again", added Will, who then went on a rant about Kingston in general and the fact that parking wardens were giving ourt tickets after 10 o'clock on a friday night. "I got one (a ticket) here last year when I came to see Dollshouse at the Grey Horse", he mused. "Where were Dollshouse anyway?" asked John. "Out enjoying themselves, I hope."

Review by Will, Photos by Jeff

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