Bull & Gate,
London 3/12/05


I, LUDICROUS > Gigography > Bull & Gate 3 Dec 2005
Set list:

My Baby's Got Jetlag
We're the Support Band
When I Worked at Textline
Hacky's Wine Bar
The Highland League
C2s in Vans
Richard Madeley
Oh Really
Clerking 'til I Die
Good Evening
Quite Extraordinary
Preposterous Tales

"I once ate six Mars bars in half an hour. While working on a site I unearthed a bomb and I once had a shower with two American girls. What, at the same time Ken? That's preposterous"! The words of the mighty I, Ludicrous who broke from a year long ludicrous sabbatical to perform a rare concert to celebrate the re-issue of their legendary early works on CD. Five pounds to get in and the beer was great. The supporting cast included the wonderfully slick 'n' spiky psychedelic pop sounds of The Cleo Whip and We Yes You No.

Photos © Jeff Higgott

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