Bull & Gate,
London 10/1/04


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Tonight saw the debut performance of The Fall's "Sparta F.C." live by I, Ludicrous. It is tempting to suggest this was the first time this song has been covered live anywhere in the world - or do you know different? I was tempted to write a review of the gig but don't think I can improve in the summary provided by "Jaz" to the Bull & Gate website - thanks Jaz:

"Blimey Charley! I, Ludicrous rock!! Who cares if Will Young (or whatever the singer's name is) has lost his hair - this is the voice of the noughties.

"Bring them back now. Bring them back often. Glad I turned up and paid my fiver. I learned a few things about life last night! And we have something in common. I too have never been hit by Mark E. Smith."



Photos © Jeff Higgott.

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