Bull & Gate,
London 12/1/02


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I, Ludicrous + Fractured + Whistle Fish
    Set list:

    We're the Support Band
    Suspended Sentence*
    When I Worked at Textline
    Call You In The New Year
    Approaching 40
    Dinner For One
    Leisure Time
    Quite Extraordinary
    Never Been Hit (By Mark E Smith)
    Trevor Barker

    * by John Cooper Clarke

Those familiar with recent I, Ludicrous live performances will have been more than a little suprised by the line up for this outing. Rather that sticking to the consistent 4-4-2 that had seen them through recent matches and won them many fans Messrs. Hung and Proctor chose instead to opt for a rotation system. The ever reliable Preposterous Tales was left on the bench, mirroring Alex Ferguson's recent decision to sideline David Beckham. Other regulars (Spock, Man's Man and Football Stadia) were also rested. In their place came a few fresh faces that have come up through the youth scheme - Dinner for One, Leisure Time and Never Been Hit By Mark E Smith). This inexperience was blended with the old heads of Trevor Barker and Quite Extraordinary. Recent signing Suspended Sentence's place was maintained in the starting line-up.

This outing lasted a full 45 minutes, with the audience giving I, Ludicous full and hearty support throughout. Once again the exuberance resulted in a degree of dancing on the terraces, which was tolerated by the stewards. There was persistent chanting for Man's Man from one faction of the crowd, obvoiusly more than concerned about this omission from the line-up. But at the end of the day the rotation system worked well and I, Ludicrous scored a well-earned victory.

Review and photos © Jeff Higgott

I, Ludicrous - Sit right down - write a letter to the Sun.. ....say "Bring back hanging for everyone".
I, Ludicrous - Ask any man on any street and he'll tell you Maradona's a cheat. His goal had the whole world enticed. If that's the hand of god then I'm Jesus Christ. I, Ludicrous - John takes his seat - dinner for one.
Fractured - Every one a bastard, apparently, but don't let that put you off buying their new CD. Fractured - Guest appearance from Neil Arthur who's still living on the ceiling.


An alternative review courtesy of the Bull & Gate Website....

9-30pm and I' Ludicrous are back in Kentish Town. They played at the B&G when the fat man ran the Timebox. That means they've been here longer than me. I found a flexi disc on the floor of a Gaye Bykers On Acid gig in New Cross back in 1987.

As I sponged off the snakebite I thought nothing more of it as I carefully rolled it up and slid it into my coat lining totally oblivious to its life altering properties. The next day my life changed forever. From that day onwards everything suddenly became Preposterous! "Ahh that's preposterous" I would say to almost every thing. I'm sure it cost me a black eye, a wedding invite and a couple of girlfriends back then.

Anyway I digress, I Ludicrous have loads of new material and theres a new album promised. For those of you uninitiated I'Lud are a lo-fi satirical duo, observational black humor complemented by skeletal punk riffery on a Woolworths guitar and drum machine. They open with a hilarious number called 'We're The Support Band.' Ode to many a support band I've seen down the years I have to say.

Anyone remember a band called World Of Leather? Worst support band I ever saw at the Brixton Fridge with The Fall. Then there was Gold Blade at the LA2 with The Fall, Rico at the Forum with The Fall, awful bands. The Luds some up this experience better than I ever could in 'We're The Support Band.' They're plenty of other new songs, 'Never been Hit By Mark E Smith' stands out as does 'Dinner For One' or 'A Pop Fans Dream part 2', a little ditty about Bob Geldof Post live Aid. Tonight once again showcases the fact that I' Ludicrous are legend, they hit a peak back in 1987 and have never looked back. My round? That's preposterous!

Bull & Gate


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