Montague Arms,
London 14/9/01


I, LUDICROUS > Gigography > Montague Arms 14 Sept 2001
I, Ludicrous + Probing Cranks + Sucker
    Set list:

    We're the Support Band
    Suspended Sentence*
    Hacky's Wine-bar
    When I Worked at Textline
    Oh Really
    Call You In The New Year
    Spock's Brain
    Approaching 40
    Never Been Hit (By Mark E Smith)
    Where Were You **
    Preposterous Tales in the Life of Ken McKenzie
    Richard Madeley
    3 English Football Stadia

    * by John Cooper Clarke
    ** by The Mekons

Fresh from the debacle that was 'The Lab', John and Will took the stage in front of an enthusiastic crowd to try again to unveil their long-awaited new song. The crowd, suitably entertained by Sucker and Probing Cranks warmed to I, Ludicrous. Much cheering, smiling, laughing and clapping - not to mention dancing ensued.

The Montague Arms is a strage pub. The clientelle wrestle for space amongst stuffed zebras and alligators, penny farthings and even a horse drawn carriage (minus the horse). A quite surreal experience!

Review and photos © Jeff Higgott

Approaching 40 - enough to get them dancing in the aisles. Preposterous Tales - I was on Crackerjack at the age of ten.

Will - sort of a dry heat. I, Ludicrous - John and Will in action.

John - Is that a stuffed zebra I see before me? John - They've stolen Spock's brain.

Will Hung - I've never been hit by Mark E. Smith! Will Hung - Preposterous Tales


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