Dublin Castle,
London 21/4/01


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Fractured + I, Ludicrous + Stereo Morphofonium
I, Ludicrous - John sports a hood and dark glasses to introduce an air of mystery to the evening. I, Ludicrous - Preposterous tales - now then, now then.

After the score draw at the Hope and Anchor, I, Ludicrous took on Fractured for the second leg at the Dublin Castle. Drinks again were allowed on the terraces which made for an excitable pre-match warm up of Stereo Morphofonium. As Will and John entered the stage the fans erupted and moments later I'Ludicrous went one nil up as Will scores first goal of the night with a new track "We're the Support Band",one of the best and funniest songs by the band ever. "Call you in the New Year" (another new one), "When I worked at Textline", "Away from the Rabble" and "Graham Dude's Party" saw the band, obviously enjoying themselves and full of confidence, hitting the bar, creating many chances and generally dominating the match. A premiership style version of "3 English Football Stadia" was the best of the night as the band stormed comfortably into a 2-0 lead. The crowd went wild and I think the band bonded well with them throughout the night taking control of the match with "Approaching 40", "Preposterous Tales" (biggest applause of the night, as expected) and "Where were You?" to finish with. One of the funniest best live performances I have ever seen them do.

Ever since the Bull and Gate last September the lads have grown in confidence and are definitley back on top form. We just wish the sets were a bit longer.

Fractured immediately pulled a goal back with "Bobby Charlton" but I, Ludicrous soak up any further pressure to win 2-1. As the final whistle goes the crowd all agree it has been a tremendous night all round, both sets of supporters applauding each other and it is decided that we would like to see a re-match very soon (possibly at a neutral ground in Brighton?).

All this and MES says "thank you and goodnight" two nights later. A very priveleged week indeed.

Review by Simon Tutt and photos © Jeff Higgott

Stereo Morphofonium - this number has something to do with spaceships docking, apparently. I, Ludicrous - Look, Jeff's camera can do black and white as well as colour!!

I, Ludicrous - I'm an orange man... I'm a little green man! Fractured - Bobby Charlton what's the score?

Fractured - guest vocalist Neil Arthur. Living on the ceiling, no more room down there... you're unlikey to hear a more high-energy rendition!


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