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London 2/12/00


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Fractured + I, Ludicrous

Big thanks to The Fall for playing a diversionary gig in Leicester on Saturday and thereby averting a potential incident on Upper Street, Islington. As it was, I think everybody who turned up did manage to get in to the Hope & Anchor, which bulged impressively. Happiest man on the night was the H&A landlord, who reported record bar takings; well done you audience.

I, Ludicrous were quite brilliant on the night, possibly the best I've seen them. For the many who have asked the question 'how did you manage to persuade I, Ludicrous to support Fractured?', the answer is simple: 'I asked them and they said yes'. Oh that more would do the same.

After the Ludes left the stage, the DJ treated us to Totally Wired, Public Image and Shadowplay.. which paved the way perfectly for Fractured to play their first gig for 15 years. We did OK too, apparently...

    Set list:

    Hacky's Wine Bar
    30 Something *
    Richard Madeley
    We Stand Around
    Approaching 40
    Get Away From The Rabble
    Where Were You
    Man's Man
    Trevor Barker
    Glad All Over

    * followed by a 5 minute break whilst John
    changed a guitar string.

Review by David Williams of Fractured

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