Half Time Orange,
Leicester 22/4/98


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Half Man Half Biscuit + I, Ludicrous

The following review snippet was stumbled across on the web. Hope M. J. Hibbett doesn't mind it being used here....

...Then it was I, Ludicrous. They were good too, I especially liked the fact that they were two old blokes, one of whom did robotic disco dancing moving his funky ass at all times. It had to be seen to be described, but it was a Nice Thing to hear him singing in exactly His Voice like on the records, if you see what I mean. They did Preposterous Tales near the end, apparently for the first time in ages, and it was BRILLIANT.

    Set List:

    Oh Really?
    When I Worked At Textline
    Approaching 40
    Hackey's Wine Bar
    Richard Madeley
    Three English Football Grounds
    Spock's Brain
    Preposterous Tales
    Man's Man
    We Stand Around

"The rain fell in strange analogies"



Will Hung - vocals (and owner of the 'funky ass')

"Three in the box. In goes the cross.......goal kick."

"In one corner stands the cottage."

On keyboard - John Procter. This picture clearly displays John's 'indvidual' keyboard-playing posture...

...and this one the challenge of playing keyboard and providing backing
vocals when the microphone is at waist level.

Photographs © Gez Wood. More of Gez's gig photos can be found at his web site.

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