Dingwalls, Camden,
London 30/11/87


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  AMBLING ON like Otway And Barrett going Half Man Half Biscuit, I, Ludicrous are waiting to regale you with funny little tales from a strange twilight world of football lore and very famous people of almost mythical proportions.

  John S Procter is in charge of switching the drum machine on and off and stoking up his cheapo guitar sound and spazzoid keyboard. William Hung (Will Hung to those who know him well) employs a quizzical tone to recite his deadpan stories over over this tinpot cabaret-punk sound. © I, Ludicrous The sum is a relentlessly gentle humour deployed over 'A Tribute To The Fall', generated by a home entertainment singalong system.

  'A Pop Fan's Dream', in which our hangdog hero wins a meal with Bob and Paula, and 'Three English Football Grounds' place I, Ludicrous in a universe that is at least half-Half Man Half Biscuit. In bothcases a rich vein of modern folk history is mined and with both the humour is implicit, relying on fond familiarity with the source material.

  The difference comes with the way I, Ludicrous replace the Biscuit burr of burning vitriol with a mild mannered genius for commentary, relating their material without any blurting punchlines.

  Mr Hung, with his receding hair-line, lack of height and full figure, and Mr Procrer, with his carefully cultivated computer buff look (right), are the ideal vessels for these preposterous tales.

  An investment in Ludicrous vinyl is questionable but a night out with William and John is even preferable to watching Tranmere Rovers. Match of the day.

Roy Wilkinson

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