The Astoria,
London 14/5/87


I, LUDICROUS > Gigography > Astoria 14 May 1987
The Fall + I, Ludicrous

   PICKED UP on by almost everybody after Sounds made their flexi a close second SOTW recently, I, Ludicrous have gone from playing to eight men and a dog to overwhelming nearly 500 Fall fans.

  They mix socio-political satire with football, punk rock with parody, and music with real life!

  They take the piss out of everybodyand almost everything. They fill some of the gap left by Half Man Half Digestive though the last thing they are is a rip-off.

  They're more like Viv Stanshall crossed with The Fall. They're dry and hard but never stale.

  They're Ludicrous and they're brilliant.

Roger Holland

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