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Preposterous Tales

BLAH1 April 1987 (7" flexi)

  1. Preposterous Tales
  2. Three English Football Grounds
Issued free with "Blah Blah Blah" fanzine.
Falling On Your Feet

  SO FLEXI discs work, official!

  After months of gigging without provoking any real media reaction, London duo I, Ludicrous had the bright idea of recording and distributing their own flexi-disc. Yes, it was primitive, and no, it didn't get into the indie charts. But it showed roughly what they could do and, they say, it was so cheap that any band with any self-belief could do it.

  Eventually the I, Ludicrous flexi coupling of 'Preposterous Tales - Ken McKenzie' and 'Three English Football Grounds' found itself honourably mentioned in the Sounds singles page. Only three weeks later, a couple of other papers caught on, and then one day I Ludicrous woke up to find the manager of The Fallbanging on their door requesting the pleasure of their company at a soiree with The Fall at London's Astoria Theatre.

  Flexis are cheap. They make pop music accessable and they get you support slots at prestige Fall shows. Young guns, you know what to do.

Roger Holland

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