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Dirty Washing

Old King Lud LUD006 Feb 2008 (CDS)

  1. Argument in the Laundrette
  2. The Highland League
  3. The Ruby Wax Song
  4. Chav it up with Jeremy Kyle
  5. Finding things out about John



What the papers say:

CD: I, Ludicrous - Dirty Washing EP

For a band marked by odd, dislodged tunes, edgy melodies and strange gritty lyrics I, Ludicrous are the perfect support act for The Fall on their UK tour this year.

I, Ludicrous' EP, Dirty Washing, pays homage to football leagues (The Highland League), washing (Argument in the Laundrette), chavs (Chav it up with Jeremy Kyle) and Ruby Wax.

The band's observant, witty takes on such banalities as laundry and Jeremy Kyle are surmised by dry ironic lyrics: 'There's an argument in the launderette/who started it?' A similar dry-humoured perspective is heard in Ruby Wax, the song whose deadpan spoken lyrics in an Essex accent album tells the life story of Ruby Wax. 'Her parents were both Austrian Jews/ Ruby grew up an awkward, goofy big arsed teenager." As the song progresses the spoken words are met with ironic funky beats. The effect is comedic, edgy and extremely engaging. Half Man Biscuit meets The Fall.

Racael Clegg / Sheffield Telegraph

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