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When The Computer Engineer Comes

He turns up only three hours late
he greets me with "what's the trouble mate"
it shouldn't take long to fix
I'll have it done by six

It's a network system isn't it - Yeah
Do you have your system files on disc - Yeah
is my van all right parked out there - Yeah
can I make a quick call to the office - Yeah dial 9

The Computer Engineer's in a hurry he's meeting his girl friend at eight,
he cant dilly dally not with the A3 to negotiate
don't hurry it, don't rush it, don't make a mistake

The Computer Engineer looks puzzled there's something not quite right
he needs his format disc which he left at a previous site
that means a another hour is lost
he shrugs his shoulders and says that's life

When the Computer Engineer comes

Well I aint seen nothing like this before
look at the transistor its completely melted
it could have been caused by the static off your carpet

The girls all like him
he looks like Sting
but I despise him with all my being
oh Sting where is thy death

When the Computer Engineer comes
the Computer Engineer's getting impatient he's been here half a day,
he's getting frustrated, and his van's been towed away

ham-fisted, ham-fisted
he bends he destroys the valuable computer lid
he fixes one thing and something else goes wrong
oh how much longer must the Computer Engineer come

finally while the programme is running he reads the paper out loud,
he finds the story of the doctor who reported his wife for drinking and driving
the Computer Engineer chuckled he liked that one

When the Computer Engineer comes

I can't fix it tonight mate I'll have to come back tomorrow

there's wires everywhere
I just got a shock off my chair
I wonder what his girlfriend looks like
I bet she wears ankle bracelets

All lyrics © I, Ludicrous

* unreleased.

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