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Trevor Barker

My name is Trevor Barker
I'm coming to your town
I'm going to make a few redundancies
I'm going to close the plant down
I drive a Mercedes Benz, I own a Jaguar too
My wife doesn't need to work
I send my kids to private (public!) schools
I earn much more than you,
so much more than you

My speciality is turning round, loss making family run companies into profit
through a restructuring and aggressive marketing of their products
I leave the day to day running of the company to my managers
For whom I supply the motivation

My aim is more power
and I'll will never retire
my complex drives me higher
and if I stop I will expire
I am chairman of Carpets International
I am businessman of the year

My name is Trevor Barker
I'm coming to your town
The workforce call me a bastard
because I close their factories down
My name is William Hung
and you can say what you like
You can say get off or come on
cos I'm as deaf as a kite

My name is..

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* unreleased.

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