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Man's Man

My pock marked face gives the game away
My love of beer and Chinese takeaways

I'm a man's man,
I'm a man's man,
I'm a man's man
Ladies man

I'm a married man,
I'm a family man,
I'm a gentleman,
I'm a worried man
A small businessman
I'm a company man,
I am a self-made man

I'm a lager man,
I'm a bitter man,
I'm a drinking man,
I'm a god-fearing man,
I'm a lonely man,
I'm a friendly man,
I am a passionate man

I'm a sportsman,
I'm a 12th man
I'm a 3rd man,
I'm an extra man,
I'm a batsman,
I bowl chinamen,
I am a versatile man

I'm a worried man,
I'm a sad man,
I'm a gay may,
I'm a macho man,
I'm an action man,
I'm a thinking man,
I am a thinking man's man

I'm a primitive man,
I'm a stone age man,
I'm a renaissance man,
I'm a modern man,
I'm a sentimental man,
I'm an honest man,
Honest man?

I'm Arthur Mann,
Half buscuitman,
I'm a fall guy,
I'm a rotherhood of man,
I'm a shaman,
I'm a Carter man,
I am a Manfred Mann's man

I'm a snow man,
I'm, a rain man,
I'm sunny man,
I'm a stromy man,
I'm a temperate man,
I'm a star man,
I am a fair weather fan

I'm a white man,
I'm a fair man,
I'm a grey man,
I'm an orangeman,
I'm a claret man,
An old blues man,
I'm not a little green man

All lyrics © I, Ludicrous

* unreleased.

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