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How Much Money Should I Give to Charity?

How much money should I give to charity

When confronted with a tin
How much should put in
Am I solving anything
Or is money down the sink

Some people make a living out of charity
Some people abuse hospitality
But are my motives really pure
For showing them the door
Is this the only cure
Because they want more

Charity they say begins at home, but I've got Mencap on the phone.
They've smelt a business profit
Charitable donations can be offset against taxation as a below-the-line cost
so no-one pays - except the less well off

How much Money should I give to charity
Isn't this the Government's responsibility
I'm paying all this income, I should be able to relax
Instead I feel under attack

This G giving nothing away
so TV charity advertising is on the way
TV advertising is a hideous expense
the agencies make 15%
so who pays who pays
Sir Harry Secome CBE, tell me Sir Harry
How much Money should I give to charity
How much Money should I give to charity
when confronted with a tin
how much should put in
are we sounding like the Kinks
or is it money down sink
Come On Baby etc

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* unreleased.

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