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Bring Out The Branson

The Prime Minister looked out a black limousine's window
on a land beginning to show the effects of the worst depression since the war
graffiti everywhere, anti-government spray can sentiments, the streets full of litter
she sighed for her England, she cried for her England
of village fetes, corner shops and touched forelock
only one man could her now
only one could lead us into a new Jerusalem
that man

Branson the ferry's going down
Branson there's a lunatic loose on town
Branson space shuttle's blowing up again
Branson there's more trouble in the stadium

Branson - Aids is running rife
Branson - the moral majority was right
Branson - only you can solve the problem
Branson - get the kids wearing condoms

Beware of the man who smiles
R you protecting yourself
Aids - a chance to make a million
NE one here been wearing them
Safe sex is the name of the game
One night stands
Not in the 90s gig guide

Branson - the inner city's a mess
Branson - the Prime Minister depressed
Branson - the tower blocks are crumbling
Branson - even Prince Charles is mumbling

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane
Don't be absurd its that man Branson again

All lyrics © I, Ludicrous

* unreleased.

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