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Bloody Proud

(supporting the Fall in 1990)

We hit the North, to do a show
All the way to Bradford through the driving snow
Trains and cabs, and heavy bags
Still Trevor couldn't spare a sandwich for the lads

Bloody proud
I'm bloody proud
Beaten but bloody proud
Bloody proud

We had some fun in Nottingham
Doing things we really shouldn't have done
One hundred pound, thrust in our hand
We had to give it back to lighting man

Bloody proud.

The next stop was Reading rock
The polytechnic not the festival, you cock
The place went wild,
the road crew smiled
and for an encore MES requested Spock

Bloody proud.

Oh abide with me
Sang the Reading crowd
That made me bloody proud

The final gig was in Cambridge
before the show both bands went out for a drink
Now by this time, we were sublime
They said they'd ask us back but they never did

Bloody Proud

You know what they say John
Pride comes before the Fall

All lyrics © I, Ludicrous

* unreleased.

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