Light and Bitter

Rodney Rodney! RODNEY006 November 1990 (LP/CD)

  1. Manifesto
  2. My Favourite Records
  3. How Much Money Should I Give To Charity
  4. Completely Ratted
  5. Last Night
  6. Bring Out The Branson
  7. Vic Sinex
  8. Duller Than....
  9. Your Life's Not Over
  10. Programmes For Wealth

What the papers say:

the GAVIN REPORT (San Fancisco) - 7 December 1990

  About four years ago William Hung and John S. Procter (aka I, Ludicrous), released an album that took many alternative charts by storm. Over the years I, Ludicrous have released some singles, and they arrive once again with another "entertaining" album. While the music on Light & Bitter is, for the most part, straight-ahead rock, it's contagious and devoid of unnecessary embellishment. I, Ludicrous deliver their clever but sensitive lyrics in a spoken monotone. Therefore the combination of I, Ludicrous' lyrics and music is unusual and may require some getting used to. But for your efforts you'll get complete satisfaction. I, Ludicrous are often compared to The Fall, and Light & Bitter is a great follow-up album by Hung and Procter who've had one too many beers, or perhaps one too few. Tracks: "Last Night," "Your Life's Not Over," "Vic Sinex," "Programmes For Wealth," "My Favourite Records" and "Bring Out The Branson." These guys are great.


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