Idiots Savants

Old King Lud LUD001 14 September 1992 (CD)

  1. Oh, Really
  2. Carter - They're Unstoppable
  3. Richard Madeley
  4. C2s In Vans
  5. We Stand Around
  6. Bloody Proud
  7. When The Computer Engineer Comes
  8. Cy Twombly
  9. Non
  10. Eastenders

What the papers say:

What's That Noise - 1992

  This is their fourth LP on the third label and, at last, this one's the ususal 45 minutes in length, beacuse John Peel thought that all the songs were a minute too long. But actually this didn't bother him too much anyway because he still loved them.

  I, Ludicrous are one of the most characteristic British bands around. They transcend good and evil, hip and hop and Mark and Brix. Their light-hearted songs put Half Man Half Biscuit in the shade whilst the more acerbic ones pack a powerful punch thanks to Will Hung's drawn out syllables and the extremely sparse guitar. Basically they simply aim to expose anyone who gets on the nerves of your average football or music fan or your average bloke down the pub. This time these include people returning from holiday, smart-arse football fans, computer experts and Richard Madeley, whoever he is. An anecdote - 5 years ago there was a Cy Twombly exhibition and I wondered 'who's that', 'is this person a man or a woman' and 'how do you pronounce that name'. I, Ludicrous wondered the same thing.

  So they use electric drums and simple guitars to sound off about anything that annoys them in everyday life, but there is also a 'Bontempi Ballad' on the album (Eastenders).

  Just one thing - they may well be right that Carter USM churn out moronic hits using their methods but they shouldn't complain about it. This would only result in them shooting themselves in the foot which operates the drum machine.


Translated from the German original by Paul Syrett

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NME - 11 April 1992

  ...tape arrives from another South London drum machine-bolstered duo, a stairical outfit called I, Ludicrous. Back in 1987, I, Ludicrous, recorded a song called '30 Something', years before Carter released their identically titled second album. Motivated by nothing other than "hatred and jealousy", they have now recorded a funny and embittered ditty called 'Carter They're Unstoppable'. Aping the standard formula, they conclude that "if we wrote some tortuous rhymes we'd have to come clean / And join Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine".

  This will probably raise more of a smile in the Carter camp than another recent reaction to one of their records.