A Warning to the Curious

Rodney Rodney! RODNEY002 October 1989 (LP/MC)

  1. Thirtysometing
  2. Britische Architect
  3. House Beautiful
  4. Moynihan Brings Out The Hooligan In Me
  5. Another Beaten Man
  6. We Will Fall
  7. Good Evening
  8. Stuck In A Lift With Noel Edmonds

What the papers say:

Melody Maker - 3 February 1990
  LESS is moron, if I understand this caper correctly. I imagined I, Ludicrous to be dyslexic shufflers of rhythm and syntax, somewhere in the fetid nether-realms of Cud, as I selected this from the albums-to-go-shelf. Imagine my suprise, my relief, my joy unconfined, when they turn up on the same graph as Serious Drinking, Macc Lads and Half man etc.
  There's only two of them, heavily reliant on their jolly, twittering guitar-buoyed melodies to offset the snort-worthy lyrics. As they pipe, "He can threaten with prison/He can threaten with fines/He can shove his ID cards/Where the sun never shines," in "Moynihan Brings Out The Hooligan In Me", you check the sleeve hurriedly, notice the Manchester address, and smirk smugly, because you're thinking Lager Morrissey! The Fall-isms noticed prior to this in "House Beautiful", with its quaint references to Claire Rayney's "condensation" (?), make sense too. Not just verbal jokes; rejoice, rejoice!
  Or not. Loonish ranting and the stench of rockabilly rises, unwelcome, and several tracks just wilt on their feet, but "We Will Fall" hints at a darker side available, with a tonal wash of grey guitar, and the best is saved for last. "Stuck In A Lift With Noel Edmonds" will terrify you; the painful attempts at smalltalk after two hours' incarceration bringing a lump to the throat, and death is inevitable. But for who?
  Listen and find out. I, faintly curious, consider myself suitably warned. Bastards!

Mick Mercer

Independent - 24 November 1989

  Like Half Man Half Biscuit with a college education, South London duo I, Ludicrous offer a running commentary on the less noteworthy aspects of life on the cusp of the decade. Sometimes, as with the opener "Thirtysomething", it's in the form of simply a list of generational characteristics; at its most engaging, on the singalong "Moynihan Brings Out The Hooligan In Me", it could easily result in a novelty hit. Throughout, backing is rarely more than rudimentary, though singer Will Hung has a nice line in declamatory Mark E Smith impersonations, especially on their 1992 theme song "Britische Architect". Side one contains the stronger, more amusing material, with the second side given over to a series of ominous reflections which reach their chilling apogee in the closing "Stuck In A Lift With Noel Edmonds", a horrific account of assault by blandness which poses the question "How many TV presenters does it take to kill an ordinary bloke?" Here, as always, I, Ludicrous tackle the subjects that really matter.

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