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The Museum of Installation

Eventually I found the Museum of Installation. And with my expectations high I walked down the stairwell I was cold and my head had assumed a lightness following the three pints of IPA consumed at lunch.

The end of my descent was greeted with a row of prints all similar in design, pink, yellow, green stripes (the sort of thing you'd expect in Bobby Moore's lounge). Very interesting I thought.

At this point I spied Michael, the artist.
"Hello there", he exclaimed in his friendly American way, "nice to see you again."
At this point let me explain I had met Michael through a mutual friend a year earlier. The piece is in three parts, he disclosed, parts two and three are through that door.
"OK I'll see you in a minute" I said on the retreat.

The second room was brightly lit and composed entirely of mirrors, all angled in a way to exaggerate my widow's peak. The third room was almost pitch. At the far end was a pocket size TV on the wall. As I grew accustomed to the dark, I noticed two shadows in the far corners. I walked up to that end of the room. The shadows were big industrial fans. The TV displayed a moving collage of pink, yellow and green stripes.

I lingered in the otherwise empty room looking fruitlessly around trying to understand what this was supposed to mean, and what I would say to Michael. Finally I re-emerged into the foyer where Michael was sitting at a desk.

"It's good, I like it." Michael got up and led me back to the dark room.
"It's a pity you didn't come when the fans were on, the effect of walking through this door was of being in a wind tunnel. One girl was so shaken she couldn't move down toward the far end."
"Why are the fans not on?", I asked.
"Complaints from the office upstairs, it's so petty we're only open Wednesday to Fridays, 3 till 6, yet they complained to the landlord that it was affecting their business".
"What sort of company are they?"
I nodded my head knowingly, remembering meeting an architect once.

"The piece still works though", Michael said.
"Yes, you're right, it does", I lied once more.
Well I must shoot, I've enjoyed myself, very interesting, I must get out of here, I thought When are you exhibiting next.?

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